in tennessee life is rich.

Nearly two weeks since my last post, and we are settling in here in beautiful East Tennessee.  Tommy is in his second week of training for work, we are unpacked mostly [not too big of a feat considering we only brought clothes and baby things with us], and we are learning a routine here... maybe.  Life is definitely different here, and for many reasons we love it!  I love that I don't have to leave forty-five minutes early to get anywhere.  I love that strangers strike up a conversation anywhere.  I love that as I'm driving around town, I can see the mountains in the distance.  I love it here.  It feels like I am home.

Jack is adjusting well.  Lots of time with family, and it is so sweet.  My camera broke and my smart phone is no more, so I don't have many pictures of our first week and a half here.  I did snap this one of Jack earlier though.

Momma, I love my green beans!  

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