days to go.

I don't think I've ever felt such a mix of emotions as I have during this moving process.  It's a great move for us, so we're really excited.  We are so looking forward to this new chapter of our lives as we relocate back to Tennessee.  There is so much anticipation for this and we are eager for it, certainly.  But we are sad.  We will miss our friends here.  We are in "get it done" mode, so we haven't had much time at all to be in the present and process all that is happening, but we want to be.  So if we seem like we are brushing off goodbyes or giving half-hearted sentiments, please know that we are not, we are just overwhelmed.  We have been so touched by the outpouring of love for our family.  We are incredibly thankful for people who have come over to help pack, clean, watch Jack, take garbage to the dump, and even take poison from our house to the hazardous materials dump (that's a story within itself).  We are thankful for friends bringing dinner, snacks, cookies, and sweet youth who make us Christmas cookies because she knows we love them and won't be here at Christmas time.  We are thankful for neighbors who do anything to help us.  We are thankful for those who choose to drive well out of their way to come help us, to be here day after day doing whatever task they can to help.  We could never say enough thanks!  We couldn't properly express how much it truly means!  We are so grateful, and we will so miss our Maryland friends.

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  1. We'll miss you too! =) =(

    Still praying for you all (or do you say "y'all" in Tennessee? *shrugs*).