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I fail at nutrition.  I fail at being a leader in nutrition, I fail at liking nutrition right now, and I fail at caring about nutrition in my life.  It's weird, but it's like I've lost my passion for nutrition.  I started this blog to talk about nutrition, and if you've read my blog for any amount of time then you know I don't do that.  Somewhere along the way I realized I was missing the passion I once had for nutrition.  Not sure if this is a temporary set back or if it's a bigger thing.  I think I will still like nutrition.  I liked my job before we left DC -- nutrition with the elderly.  I definitely like nutrition in terms of disseminating nutrition information to people who need it.  And I most definitely like nutrition in the community - helping those who need food, helping those who don't have access to fresh foods be healthier.  That was easy to find in the DC area... need to find that here.

But for my friends in the DC area please take the time to check out and help out, if you can, this amazing organization!  I had the privilege of working at Food and Friends during my Dietetic Internship, and it was an experience I will not forget.  To me, this is the dream as a community dietitian.  The people working here are amazing and they do so much good in the entire DC-metro area.  So while I may fail at living out nutrition, these people provide it-- every day, every week, and this Thursday they will make sure that all of their clients have a delicious Thanksgiving meal to enjoy.

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[By the way, I have no affiliation with Food & Friends and have not received anything from them for this post.  I am just a really huge fan!]

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