ten for thursday.

1. I have the most awesome video of Jack laughing and playing. I must upload it soon to share.

2. My want list is growing long, and I am struggling with this right now as it just keeps getting longer.

3. In connection with my want list, I have several hobbies that I want start. Tommy helped me prioritize them. Still waiting for when I will have time to start. Maybe after I finish my thank you notes and then read a book.

4. We have been so immensely blessed! We are blown away by how many people love us and love Jack! The cards and gifts we have received are wonderful and we are so thankful. On that note, I have been enjoying my boy rather than working on thank you notes. Lately, it's been bothering me that I haven't done them. Please know that I am so thankful and will eventually finish those notes!

5. After I finish my thank you notes I want to read a book. Any suggestions?

6. Right now Jack is sleeping and Lady is sleeping/watching over him. I love our family!

7. I have an obsession. Chickfila. I've avoided it for so long because they fry in peanut oil. Turns out they are very allergy friendly! They still fry their chicken in peanut oil but they train their staff well about cross-contamination. They also have many menu items that are "safe choices", and they now fry their waffle fries in canola oil. Shibby! Also, one of the only places where I can get a milkshake! Their flavors are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies & cream. No nut flavors! Therefore, no cross contamination to worry about. While I was pregnant this discovery was amazing. Especially when I couldn't keep much down besides a milkshake. Now that I'm not pregnant, not so amazing. Sure I need extra calories for nursing but still... not as ok.

8. Wow, I just wrote an entire paragraph on Chickfila. Can you guess what I had for dinner tonight and what's waiting for me in my fridge?

9. Now that Jack is here my awareness of what I eat affecting him is so much more real. While I knew what I ate mattered while I was pregnant, it was hard to fathom how much so. Now that I look at his sweet face everyday I want to eat the best things for him. Oh, and it also probably helps tremendously that I don't throw everything up anymore!

10. I had a great realization this week! My baby boy will only be this little for a very short time but work will always be around. 12 hours is the perfect compromise for me. No more. I'm sharing that decision with some other people very soon.

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