brownie wednesday.

Do you ever have those days where you just want/need to eat? I have been hungry all day! I'm thankful for my excuse of nursing my baby that sucks the energy out of me causing me to need to replete frequently; however, today has been above and beyond that normal. (Wow, that was a ridiculous sentence!)

Anyway, I totally believe in emotional eating. I've heard people say it doesn't exist and that we should be able to mind-over-matter anything and not take that bite. I do believe that there are ways to beat the perpetual emotional eating, don't get me wrong, but I also believe that some days you've just gotta EAT!

So I deem today BROWNIE WEDNESDAY. Why? Because I can. Because I left my baby today to go work for 8 hours. Because I didn't get a lunch break. Because I commuted in this Washington DC traffic which shouldn't even be called traffic but should have a more harsh name. Because I love chocolate. And because I don't have any ice cream in my house.

ps - please don't take this as whining. i love my baby, my job, my life but some days, a girls just gotta have some chocolate.

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