baby days.

Baby days pass by so quickly! I know everyone tells you this while you're pregnant and when they see you with the little one, but it's hard to understand just how quickly until you're in it. I'm sitting here in the office and I just noticed that my calendar in here is still on May. And I've realized that life has been like a speeding train since May. And in just a few days, Jack will be 2 months and then July will be over. It's been such a quick summer- although I know weather wise it will be summer for much longer.

My boys falling asleep.

And a close-up of my sweet baby boy.

ps - I do have posts of different varieties coming up-- promise! Although I could talk about my little guy all the time.

pps - Thanks to those of you who've been wanting to comment but couldn't. And thanks for letting me know it wasn't working. I'm working on getting it fixed.

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