the old way

I was reading this book- the one I posted about in my last post- which was set back in a simpler time. They lived in cabins and rode in wagons and grew all their own food and had to have a cow to have to luxury of milk. And I couldn't help but think just how completely different this way of life was from ours now. Everything is different, and I can't imagine what those people would think if they were to step into our lives today.

So I started thinking, finding myself wanting that. Wanting that simpler life. I want to work hard and know how I've spent my days laboring away. I want to get my hands in the dirt and grow my own food and have cattle and watch my husband take care of our land. This isn't the first time I've felt like this, and it passed before and I'm sure it will pass again. My mom grew up on a farm; her dad was a farmer. My Papaw was a good farmer, and my Mamaw could grow tomatoes like nobody's business! My mom knows what this way of life is like and the hard labor that it takes. I do not. I probably more dream about the good times and not necessarily the true realities of it. My mom inherited quite a bit of land when my Mamaw passed away last summer. Land is so valuable! I can't help but think, what could we do with that land? Could we possibly do it? Could we live that life? I've found myself day dreaming a lot this week. Maybe I should be able to keep a plant alive first...

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