lessons learned.

Today was such a grown-up day for me. Lots of chores and duties to do and I learned that I just have to do them. Even though life might be hard right now and I may be struggling but I have to do all of these things anyway. So when I stumbled upon this awesome John Piper article about this very topic I felt like it was written just for me.

Lessons learned today:
- you have to go to work even when it snows and it takes you 2 hours to get there
- even though a 2 hour commute seems like a really big deal to me, no one else really cares that much
- if you sell your SUV with a snow feature, it will snow the very next morning!
- being humbled is a good thing
- i stink at the being humbled process & there is a lot of it going on in my life
- my struggles are not so bad
- the MVA is still really gross
- the bank closes at 5 pm, exactly.
- even when salesmen at the car dealership seem ridiculous, uncaring and cold-hearted, they can care... maybe even if just a little
- dog bones are expensive
- why we don't buy food at CVS
- the importance of checking the date on food before planning it for dinner, looking forward to it, and cooking it!
- my baby has a lot of personality, already. he's such an allstar!

Our little Lady (I miss these days!)

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