f & v in the winter

I don't know about you but for me eating fruits and vegetables in the summer is so easy! Eating fruits and vegetables in the winter is so hard. I feel like I only eat the same vegetables over and over, and they're not fresh and it's not the same. Could I complain a little more? So fact of the matter is I have to think about it more and plan for it more. If I don't want to be eating carrots with my dinner every night then I had better be prepared. I've found that for me the best best is to fix dishes with veggies mixed in. That always works well but even more so in the winter. I generally try to do my weekly meal plan and will try to think of some dishes ahead of time that I can use frozen or canned vegetables in. But if I'm at the store and there are vegetables on sale I always give myself the option to switch things up. And I do! Quite often.

So what are we having this weekend? (Can you tell I'm excited for the weekend, I'm pretty much already counting it as here! That's because my weekend starts tomorrow evening when I get off of work! I'm off on Friday and it's supposed to be 65 degrees and I'm spending the weekend with my husband and puppies-- couldn't be better!)
- Petros! Petros is a restaurant in my hometown (maybe in other areas in the South, but I'm not sure) that is amazing! We have Petros at football and basketball games. I grew up on Petros, and I couldn't love them more. Now we have Petros night at our house and it's a special night.
I have 2 versions of chili that I make, depending on the circumstances, weekly menu, and my mood. One is a regular ground beef chili with beans and tomato chunks. The other is a vegetable chili, and I replace the meat with tri-colored bell peppers! I love it! This happened by mistake one day last year when I was making chili and after I had already started it, I realized I didn't have beef, but I did have peppers and thought my chili was already messed up so why not try this. It turned out awesome! I love it! The peppers add such good flavor and have such good flavor from the chili! I'm a huge fan!
- And if the beautiful weather holds true, I plan on getting the hubby to fire up the grill! It may be early in the year yet, but if it's in the 60s that screams perfect weather to me!


So happy Wednesday to you all! May your weekend come quickly!

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