A Day of Trying

My friend and college roommate, Rachel, is in town and we are having a fun couple of days! Rachel has certain foods that she likes to eat and certain foods that she likes to avoid. Rachel's says she has "a limited diet consisting of bread, cheese, and peanut butter." She doesn't eat many fruits or vegetables but in the last several years has began trying new foods.

Here are her newer tastes she's acquired:
- scrambled eggs
- caesar salad
- chickpeas
- apples

This morning Rachel went to the local farm with me to get produce. She sweetly agreed to try a few new things, so today she tried sweet white corn and watermelon!

She has never had any melon texture before and was hesitant at first but enjoyed the sweet watermelon juices.

The corn-- I told Rachel if she was ever going to like corn this was THE corn she would like. This is the best corn I have ever had in my entire life. The best, Jerry. The best!

Her reaction: She was surprised by the sweet taste of the corn. I think she liked it though. It gets 1 thumb up from her.

Ya for Rach letting me blog about her :)

Love ya Rach!

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