and back again...

So after my last post I headed out of town again. We jumped in the car and headed to Tennessee. It was a great week of fun with family and sweet memories and celebrations of Mamaw's life. In memory of June Lady we had a wonderful ceremony in Kingsport, Tennessee, where she lived 85 years of her life.

When we got back into town it had been 2 weeks since we'd been at home. No fresh foods, not really any good food, not much to work with. Not to mention a lack of fruits and vegetables on the trips. I was in NEED of some fresh fruits and vegetables. So we pulled in the driveway, and I jumped out of the car and into the other one and headed towards our local farm. I loaded up!

Apples, plums, peaches, baby tomatoes, real big tomatoes, blueberries, and sweet white corn.

*The apples, peaches, blueberries, tomatoes, baby tomatoes, and sweet white corn are all locally grown!

Also... watermelon!! A BIG one!

Welcome home to me! :)

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