Room to Move

Last weekend we took a trip down south to visit family. It was a wonderful weekend full of good times, good food, and beautiful people! One of our favorite things about my hometown is the expanse of restaurants. Seriously. Restaurants everywhere! And good ones, too! So we took advantage of our time there and tried to squeeze in as many restaurants as possible. We ate, ate, ate, and then had dessert. Seriously unbelievable food- alll the time! The times where I have felt ill and really over done it eating have been few and far between in my life.... that is until this past weekend. I was popping antiacids like it was my job. I was carrying Tums around- refusing to just slow down my pace. I was loving it but then I was miserable!

This week getting back into the swing of things after our trip has been tough, and I've been very busy so I have not meal planned, grocery shopped, or cooked once this week. So I am still struggling but am now super motivated to get back on track for this next week.

I felt like I could barely move. Like my stomach was packed to the brim- every tiny amount of space occupied by dish after dish. I learned a lesson. I'm back on the self-control side after that experience. I have learned that however good the food, our bodies are not meant to handle that much extra. We have to pace ourselves.

Salad??? Hard to see the lettuce underneath all that Ranch dressing and bacon! Do I eat this often? No. But you better believe I enjoyed it that night!

Burrito from one of my favorite places! Normally, this takes me at least 2 if not 3 meals to tackle, but I ate it in one sitting. Like it was my job. Ohhhhhhh... still hurting thinking about it.

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