In the Last Week

Wow, what a busy week and a half we've had! Visitors, our first wedding anniversary, and my birthday!! So much fun we've been having!

Here are some pictures of the latest happenings:

Me with our visitors Ms. Linda & Sam.

Doing some touristy things with them. A great view of DC.

Grilled out and had vegetable kabobs that were out of this world!

Then for our anniversary were got this huge box in the mail from my husband's parents. Authentic Chicago-style hot dogs delivered right to our door! I've never been to Chicago and therefore, have never had a "true" hot dog. It was fun! Check out my hot dog boy here.

My handsome hot dog man!

His dogs...

My dog...

And the both of them (or bolth as my husband would say) :) And boy were they ever good!! Chicago here I come!

Anniversary dinner made by my amazingly kind, loving husband. Fresh green beans, chicken, and pasta with an I-can't-put-into-words-the-amazingness-sauce.

The moment I'd been waiting for for quite some time! Unwrapping the top of our wedding cake! One year later... how did it taste?

The icing on top peeled off but it was pretty fantastic! Couldn't believe it still tasted good a year out. On a sweet note here, so happy to have had this wonderful first year of marriage with my husband! What an amazing year with my best friend!

My birthday cake made by my husband.

See, I've been too busy being spoiled by my husband to blog!!

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