work it out.

I heard some wise words this week.  On Twitter.  I read some wise words this week.  Exercising doesn't cancel out your food choices.  I can't remember who said it, or how they said it but that was basically the point.  This probably sounds so easy and obvious, but to me it was ground breaking.  You see, I rationalize all.the.time. 

Well if I work out more I can have more ice cream. 
If I worked outside I'm hot, burning more calories, and can have brownie batter by the spoonfuls [yes, this really happens]. 
I probably burned a lot of calories today doing [insert general statement here that fits for that moment], so I could use some pick me up in the form of sweet and chocolate and plenty of it. 

And the biggest one of all... 
I will start exercising tomorrow so it's okay for me to eat this tonight.  

Looks like I might have some emotional eating issues, too, huh?  I think most of us women do.  But my point is that exercise is great, and healthy, and we definitely need it, but it doesn't cancel out our food choices. 

If I choose healthy foods and exercise, I'm living a healthy lifestyle.  If I exercise and choose unhealthy foods, I'm still making unhealthy choices. 

Please don't take this as me saying there's never room for sweets or the occasional poor food choice.  If you know me, you know I always make room for dessert in my healthy lifestyle.  What I am saying is that a lot of us have this notion that one thing [exercise] cancels out another [poor food choices], and it's unhealthy for us to think that way.  Exercise and healthy food choices are part of a healthy lifestyle.  Enjoy your desserts or your weak spot every once in awhile, but don't think that because you walked/ran/biked/whatever that you get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card for eating what you want.  And I'm talkin' to myself here, too. 

these are pictures i found in my files, and you better believe i enjoyed those meals.  

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