beach bums.

We're back.  We have wireless, which is awesome.  Although I do have to admit that it was kind of nice to not "have to" be plugged in all the time.  I had excuses for not checking my email, facebook, twitter, blogs.  It was kind of a vacation before my vacation.  Last week we went to the beach!  Tommy had a work conference for a couple of days, so we just made a trip out of it.  I don't know if it's because it was our first vacation as a family of 3, or if we really needed it after having our first child/leaving jobs/starting new ones/moving/buying a new house, or if the beach was just that awesome, but it was incredible!

I'm a home-body.  I love my home.  I love being cozy in my home with my family.  I just like to be home, so normally at the end of a vacation I am ready to be home.  This was the first time I could remember not wanting to leave somewhere to go home.  We flew down to Tampa and then drove to Sand Key Beach in Clearwater, FL.  When we flew with Jack in November I was so nervous how he would do, but this time I was so relaxed.  This boy loves to fly!  He loves the people, loves the windows, loves the sounds and loves climbing back and forth between Tommy and me.

 Apparently I don't know how to flip my pictures before I upload them.  Sorry about that.  He just looked like such a little boy sitting in his own seat on the plane that I had to share!

 "Mom, shh, I'm working hard over here."  My little business man.

 He loved the waves!

 And playing in the sand.

 Our hotel at sunset.

 The Supermoon didn't look so super next the the expanse of the beach.  Loved a reminder of God's creation.

 Kisses for daddy.  [side note: I just noted it looks like a kid's body is just floating.  kind of creepy]

 Work Work Work.  Even on vacation he's busy.

 We were enjoying an evening swim and both waving to Daddy.

 Breakfast poolside was the way to go for Jack Jack.

 When did my baby grow up??

Please tell me another mom has let her child meander his way through the airport pant-less.  Someone?  It was just one of those days, so pants were not a battle I was willing to take on.

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