confessions of a dietitian.

This morning I ran out the door and was running behind.  Besides the fact that it was after 830 and I had been up since 4 something, I still didn't have anything together.  Typical for me.  I used to be really organized and then it slipped, but it's going to have to make a come back if I'm ever going to get anywhere on time with a baby.  Anyway...  on my way to work I drove through McDonald's to get some coffee.  I drink decaf coffee these days because Jack is really sensitive to caffeine-- like he twitches if I even drink a Coke.  But my brain is so hooked on coffee that if I drink decaf it still does it for me.  I feel more awake just drinking coffee, plus it feeds my coffee habit that started in college.  So I had my McDonald's cup of coffee-- oh and while I'm confessing I should also mention that I got breakfast there, too.  Here's where the confession comes in-- I had a coffee mug in my car and came up with a plan to pour the coffee in there so no one in my morning meeting would notice that I went to McDonald's.  There are several things wrong with this.
1.  Apparently I think people are really interested in me.  Truth is I highly doubt they are and likely wouldn't have noticed.  
2.  I am a dietitian and don't want to sit through the morning managers meeting appearing like I condone McDonald's and eat there myself.  This was my logic, but the problem is that I clearly did eat there and I was so focused on hiding it I was going to put up a front.  
3.  Dietitians by no means have perfect diets, but of all of them, I am probably the worst.

I'm really tired so I apologize for this post as it probably doesn't make sense. 

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