2 years ago today.

We bought our first house!  Two years ago today!  It's hard to believe that two years have gone by here in this house.  A lot has happened here... too much for me to recap on this late night post [and yes, 9:30 is considered a late night post for me].

Two years ago today, I left work early, picked up Tommy and we drove up to Columbia nervous about what was to come.  We sat and met the people we'd been wondering so much about.  They weren't  happy that we made them take 6 sheds off the property.  We also learned they had already taken 6 off before they put the house on the market.  Oh, if only that was the worse thing we had learned about this house.

Two years later and we have done a lot.  Not nearly what our eyes had thought as we walked through this place before we made an offer.  We were very naive; we had no idea that our eyes were way bigger than our abilities, even bigger than our time, and mostly bigger than our bank account.  But bit by bit we have made this house our home and continue to do so now.  We tweak, we change, we paint, we update, we conceal.  We work hard on this place, and it really has been a labor of love.  It kept us busy when we were in a new area, far away from family and friends.  It kept us warm when it snowed- in fact when there was not one, but three blizzards our first winter here.  It's been a good house.  It's an old house- it has "character" as the people in the real estate business would say.  "It's definitely not a cookie cutter house" people say when they come over.  It's our house.  But most importantly, no matter what our house is like-- it is our home.  It's where Tommy and I have learned to work together.  It's where we brought Eli home and where he layed on the same blanket in the same spot in the same room for days.  It's where we chased Lady around the house time and time again trying to get whatever the latest item was she snuck off with.  It's where our family sleeps when they come to visit us, and while it's not perfect, we're so happy to have them here.  It's where we brought our baby boy home when he was discharged from the NICU and realized we had no idea what to do next.  It's where we have watched our sweet man sleep each and every night since and where we watch him play and grow all day.  It's where we have begun our marriage, our family and our dreams, and it's where we continue to grow. Thankful for a house that has become a home that means so much more for our family. 

 Our house as we saw it 2 years ago  

 Our sweet Eli  

 Destruction - not an uncommon thing to find with these two pups  

Good morning kisses  
Losing control of the bed  

The usual spot for these two

Bringing home baby boy for the first time!  

 Jack kisses  

 Jack and Daddy in his room 

Our little family  

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