small fixes.

This may not look like much to you, but to me it is amazing. To me this is part of getting more sleep, having more quiet moments at night, and helping my marriage. You might be wondering how a light switch could do all of that. Well, let me tell you.

This is the new light switch in our bathroom. Our old one was big and chunky and looked like this set in our hallway except that there was one switch rather than three.

The problem was that it made the loudest noise when it was flipped on and off. Seriously, ridiculously loud. And many, many nights when Jack was finally asleep Tommy or I would flip it on when we went into the bathroom- just out of habit. And every time Jack would wake up. It's a shame to lose sleep over a light switch, so I got to the point where I would hound Tommy. "DO NOT touch that light switch." "You better brush your teeth now {at 6 pm} if you want to brush them in the light because that light is not going on tonight!" "If you flip that switch and wake our baby, I will come after you in your sleep." I'm a great wife, I know. Very encouraging. But you know how it is with a newborn, right? Please tell me I'm not the only one to ever sound like that.

So Tommy proposed the best solution-- replace the light switch. A trip to Home Depot and five magical minutes later, we were free to flip the light on and off as much as we want. We can see in the bathroom any time, I don't threaten my husband anymore, and Jack doesn't wake up. This light switch might be one of my favorite home improvements. And by the way, I never thought I would write an entire blog post about a light switch.

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