my very first csa.

If I had to describe it in one word, it would be AWESOME {any How I Met Your Mother fans?}. Serious awesomeness. The people there were so nice! They walked us through and explained what we could get and encouraged me to taste the tomatoes. Little did they know, that was like a dream come true for me. Yes, I am a big dork. I wish I had pictures of us there-- me, Tommy, and Jack in tow, but I'm kind of glad I don't because who knows how weird I would have looked with my goofy I'm-at-a-csa-and-I-love-it grin. Here are some pictures {although bad and don't do the produce justice} of the goods.

Tomato and cucumber went in the wrap below.- so good!

Best corn I've ever had in my life! Until I had this amazingly sweet yellow corn, I thought the best corn was white corn. My world has been rocked.

And without a doubt my favorite take-home of the day. I was popping these things like candy on the way home. Tommy didn't get any, but I so loved the yellow, orange, and red!

We also made it home with a good handful of donut peaches {my first time trying these bad boys}, an onion, some red potatoes. 2 zucchini, and a picklin' cuc as my Mamaw would have said. The plums in the pic were too ripe, which was disappointing. Everything else has been awesome.

I know what we're signing up for in the fall. We missed the late summer share sign up by 2 days. Ahhhh!!!

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