this morning's surprise.

This morning I went out front to hang my bathmat to dry and I found this in front of my house.


Today is trash day around here, so this morning my husband put our trash out in front. When I went out I found our trash plus the rest of the streets piled up in front of our mailbox! It looks awful! I called to complain, here's the conversation:

trash employee: "so you're saying the trash truck came and picked up the trash and dumped it in front of your house?"

me: "yes."

trash employee: "i've never heard of that before. that seems odd. why would they do that?"

me: "that's what i'm wondering. i'm not sure why they did it but it looks really bad."

trash employee: "do you live there?"

me: "uhh... yeah..."

trash employee: "because if you don't live there, they can do that."

me: "yes, i live here, and i'd prefer if they didn't do that."

trash employee: "well, that's weird."

me: "yes, it looks really bad and is blocking my mailbox."

trash employee: "are you doing construction?"

me: "no. our house is the neatest and cleanest it's ever been!"

trash employee: "because if you're doing construction there can be a lot of trash."

me: "it's not my trash!"

trash employee: "i will send someone out to look."

I'm not feeling too hopeful...

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