weird thoughts of things that bug me.

So my family skyped me last night. It was my brother's 18th birthday (ya!) and they were all together and I was not with them. So they skyped me. At first this seemed to be a good idea, but I quickly learned that 1 on 7 skyping is not fun. Especially when those 7 people are eating cake and ice cream in front of you but you can't have it because it's 600 miles away and you don't keep cake and ice cream in your house because you're a dietitian. Bummer.

So what was I to do after that? I was hungry. I rebelled and made a grilled cheese! With Velveeta. Also something I don't keep in the house, but my sister does and left it behind. You see she had been living with us for the summer, but she is now gone leaving her Velveeta in my fridge. The whole concept of Velveeta is disgusting to me. It's a block of cheese that's squishy. GROSS. Really gross. But yet I eat it anyway.

So now I'm turning this post into random things that bug me/gross me out:

1. People who clip their nails (finger but especially toe nails) in public! GROSS.
2. People in the grocery line in front of me with nuts and peanut butter. It's weird but I go to a different line. (This is allergy related though)
3. Do you look in people's carts at the grocery store or see what their line looks like on the conveyer belt?
I do.
4. When people pull their gum out of their mouth and put it back in. Gross for them. Gross for us.
5. The bucket of sour cream at Chipotle. Looks gross. I saw a small hair in there once. I still get it.
6. Watching people eat french fries with ketchup. I like to do it myself but watching other people lick their fingers is disgusting.
7. A messy kitchen. Mine is messy.
8. Dirt in my bed. Ugghh... I have dogs... They're relentless... I change my sheets like 3 times a week.
9. Being out of fresh fruit and vegetables. Except then I get happy cause I get to go to the farmer's market!
10. When kids are screaming at the store. I know I will one day be the mother with kids who scream and scream no matter how much I don't want them too, but for now, I am not, therefore, I can complain about it. :)


  1. I love your gross list and your admitting to doing something of the gross things! #4 and #6 - so gross!

  2. Ang! You're the best! I miss you.