what's for dinner.

We are so fortunate that we don't have to pack up everything in our house right now and move it.  It's great!  But I am packing away all of the "things" and extras that don't need to be sitting out for months and look bad as our house is for sale.  That includes packing up a lot of my kitchen stuff - some of my pots, my crock pot, my toaster, blender, food processor.  Although there is plenty I can make without these things, I find myself using that excuse, on top of the whole packing and cleaning thing, to struggle making dinner.

We were given spaghetti to heat up and eat whenever we needed it by a sweet woman who loves my family and has been like our family here.  She always knows just how to help us.  We had some sweet friends come by a couple of nights ago and bring us chili.  The chili was amazing, the visit was so fun, and the gift of dinner for us was awesome.  I love to cook and prepare dinner for us, but it seems to be one of the last things I think of these last few weeks here.  I am so thankful to have these gifts of meals!  And I know Tommy is, too. Tonight, I am actually cooking.

Trying this delicious Penne Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes Cream Sauce  recipe.

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