ten for thursday.

1. 10 for Thursday is back after at least a month's break. I've been wonderfully preoccupied :)

2. My husband is awesome and has been a huge help during this time of adjustment.

3. I just drank a bug. Ok, almost drank a bug. It was floating in my apple juice and I realized something was up and spit it back out. Bleh.

4. Jack is staring at me right now from his swing. Love that boy.

5. 2 weeks ago we got Eli a swimming pool. It's one of those little round plastic ones, and he couldn't love it more. He jumps in it, washes his frisbee and tennis balls in it, and convinces his puppy sister to drink out of it like a giant water bowl.

6. My house is a mess. Makes me feel kind of crazy but it will get better.

7. I haven't cooked a meal in a month! It is crazy awesome and probably time for me to jump back into that game.

8. Target pharmacy is the best. I used to be a CVS girl but the one near us here is rough and I've only had bad experiences. On the other hand, Target pharmacy lights up my day.

9. We are kind of big fans of Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes. On a regular basis Tommy and I walk around making up our own Jimmy inspired thank you notes.

10. Netflix is great. And so is going for walks!

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