ever have those days?

I had been thinking about dinner all day. I knew what I was making, and I was excited about it. Nothing too special- it didn't take me more than 25 minutes to get it all together. But... it was a homemade meal nonetheless. Broccoli chicken casserole was prepared and in the oven and I was counting down the 35 minutes until we could eat. The oven timer went off and I sprinted upstairs to get the casserole out. And that's when it happened. There was Pam spray on the side "handle" parts of the dish and I was using a dish towel to get the casserole out because my dogs ate my oven mitts with the grip on it. This is what happened:

Yeah, my dinner ended up upside down on the oven door. It was pretty devastating. I don't have a picture of this next part but my husband and I definitely sat and ate the top layer off the oven door with our forks. It was a pretty sad looking sight. And then we had cereal for dinner.

The dogs were happy though because even after we had cleaned up there was still some chicken and cheese stuck to the oven. Lady took care of that.

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